Meet Rex Furr

R.W. “Rex” William Furr is a native of the state of Texas & a proud American. After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 1968, and a brief stint in the military, he moved to Dallas and started selling for a Custom tailoring store. After 18 months, in March of 1971, he decided to strike out on his own. He began his career calling on elite, accomplished businessmen in downtown Dallas, Texas and has built a loyal clientele by consistently delivering masterfully tailored business and formal wear that is purposefully made with superior craftsmanship.

He offers his clients an extensive selection of the finest fabrics and materials in the world. Doing the right thing over a long period of time is his commitment. His trademark is the performance of a master tailor and formal wear produced with higher craftsmanship. He offers a large selection of the finest fabrics in the world, not just in Texas. Rex has been the leader and has set the standard for high-quality custom suits, sports coats, and men’s wear.

Rex is dedicated to developing “winning” wardrobes for all gentlemen with rank and responsibility. The expertise of many years in such a creative and detailed industry makes Rex William the leader in custom dress shirts, slacks, and custom suits in Dallas, Texas. Many have tried to mimic and imitate him, but years of expertise and proven quality keeps his winning clients, dressed in the world’s finest textiles, returning for winning suits.

Rex William Furr is widely known in Dallas for being an educator on what his clients need and how to present themselves through their clothing. A strong and positive image demonstrating expertise and knowledge is something Rex shows his clients. Rex believes that it is crucial to set his environment before business occurs and prior to speaking.

R.W. Furr Clothiers by Rex William Furr provides apparel that will reflect a “way of dressing” that will make a professional and powerful statement about the position and attitude of the wearer.

Rex William Furr dresses men to win.

“We are not talking about a suit of clothes that you can touch, but we’re talking about a way of dressing. If a surgeon learns of a new way to improve himself he starts doing it the new way that very day regardless because he knows that the sooner he starts doing it the new improved way, the sooner he gets results and the better off he is.

Even though I am talking with my mouth to you right here about clothing, you are at least as impressed either consciously or unconsciously by the way I appear.”